F9A – Boring Bar and Sleeving Machine

Rottler F9A Boring Bar and Sleeving Machine.

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General Details

The FA machines are the industry standard worldwide for boring bars. Designed for all automotive blocks up to big block V8’s and small diesel blocks, the F9A will produce accurate bores for a lifetime. The F9A is ideal for the production shop where the odd sleeve must be fitted. The F9A boring bar is the fastest, most powerful boring machine available to the jobber shop. The simple setup and manual push button controls make this a very user-friendly and economical machine to operate.

  • Boring & Sleeving
  • Cylinder Boring
  • Engine Building
  • Jobber Shop
  • Performance Racing
  • Small Engines
  • Vintage Engine Rebuilding


  • Speed – All FA boring bars have the same high performance AC servo motor. Independent feed control allows you to change the feed rate from .001″ (.025mm) to .012″ (.3mm) per revolution.
  • Accuracy – The FA series boring bar uses a precision ground ball screw to control feed rate and cutter position. This allows the machines to repeat cutter position accuracy to .0002″ (.005mm).
  • Strength – The Rottler proven spindle and bearing design gives you a rigid machine capable of making heavy sleeve cuts for a lifetime. The F9A spindle has been reduced to allow the machining of compact engines such as motorcycles, marine blocks and others.
  • Flexibility – With variable feed rates you are able to maximize the performance of the machine. Increase spindle feed rates for simple oversize bores. Decrease feed rates for sleeve cuts or counter bores. The F9A machines can bore from 1.5″ (38mm) to 5″ (127mm). Special carbide tools are available for counterboring, chamfer cutting, offset boring, and O-ringing.
  • Reliability – The F Series machines use a high-speed, cogged belt drive system. This and the use of two independent motors to run the spindle speed and feed, entirely eliminates the gear box.
  • Cost Savings – The high speed Rottler FA boring bar series machine can bore a block in half the time that other boring machines require. New insert technology is producing long lasting, inexpensive inserts which are capable of handling these high speed and feed rates, with the same cost per insert as previous styles. Inserts do not require sharpening and the low cost of these tools makes them the ultimate choice for boring cylinders.


The F9A is programmed and operated through CNC Touch Screen Control on a Windows Operating System with Intel Processor.  Instant Internet Support is available direct from machine.

The electronic handwheel provides Manual Operation with two modes. In coarse mode, each “click” of the handwheel will move the machine exactly .001″ (.01mm) and in fine mode, each click will move the machine exactly .0001″ (.002mm). The pulse hand wheel allows you to feed .0001 per click or .001 per click. The LED reads the actual vertical position in .0001.

Standard Equipment
  • Block Clamp Arm – set of 2 (Part# 502-1-30)
  • CNC Touch Screen Control, Windows Operating System with Intel Processor
  • Internet connection to the boring bar machine computer must be provided for training support and service.
  • Automatic Vertical Cycles for Cylinder Boring, Resleeving and Counterboring
  • Programming and Machine Operation thru extra bright touch screen.
  • Electronic Handwheel for manual operation in .001″ (.01mm) or .005″ (.125mm) increments per Handwheel Detent
  • Precision Digital Readout, .0001″ (.002mm) Resolution
  • Spindle Travel by Precision Ball Screw & AC Servo Motor – Infinitely Variable
  • Vertical Movement – Z Axis – Up and Down – 13″ (330mm)
  • Spindle Rotation by AC Servo Motor – Infinitely Variable to 1200 RPM
  • Machine Workhead Floats on Air Cushion for Precision Centering controlled from the Touch Screen – Total Travel – Left/Right Direction 40″ 1000mm
  • Heavy Duty Spindle 2.68″ (68mm) Diameter with Inner Precision Angular Contact Bearings supported in Adjustable Outer Bearings
  • Quick Change Cutterhead System
F9A Machine Specifications




Automatic CNC

Touch Screen



Machine Weight

3500 lbs

1591 kg

Machine Height



Table – Size

50″ x 21″

1270 x 530mm

Travel – Spindle Nose to Table

26″ – “

670 – mm

Spindle – Rotation Speed

100 to 1200 RPM

Spindle – Motor

3.3 HP 2.5kW HP

3.3 HP 2.5kW Kw

Bore Capacity (with Optional Cutterheads)

1.5″ – 5″

38 – 127mm

Feed per Revolution

.001″ – .012″

.025 – .300mm

Spindle Travel (Vertical)



Workhead Travel (Horizontal)



Dimensions – Machine

45D x 51W x 80″ H

1143D x 1956W x 2032mm H

Dimensions – Floor Space Requirements

46D x 54W

1170D x 1372W

Dimensions – Shipping

67D x 77W x 88″ H

1702D x 1956W x 2235mm H

Electrical Requirements

208-240V, 30A, 50/60Hz, 1Ph

Air Requirements

1 cfm @ 90 psi

28 l/min @ 6 bar

Paint Color Code

RAL9002 (Grey White)

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