Rotary Drum Washers

General Details

JRI’s Mini Rotary Drum washers use a combination of spray washing and immersion to clean the parts as they rotate inside the drum. This compact washer contains a 14” inside diameter by 35” long auger with flights through its entire length to assist in passing parts through the process zones.

The variable speed, Direct Current (DC), drive ranges from less tan 1 RPM to 5 RPM. The washers are designed with easy access to the sump making chemical maintenance easy and quick. These machines are ideal for use in a variety of inline cleaning applications. The small footprint of this compact unit is only 48” X 24” X 60” tall, making it perfect fro cell cleaning applications.

JRI offers a line of standard drum sizes as well as custom built size to suit our customers’ application.  From single lane cellular washers to dual lane washers for higher volume or parts segregation.


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