Pass-Through Washers

General Details

Large Option Shelf Design

For ease of maintenance, all MCCS machines come standard with a large option shelf. This is where you will find the solution pump, a low water make-up device, temperature controllers (depending on options), particulate filters, and tank access panels.

This straight forward design allows for easy access into the tanks and most critical components of the washer. Not only do we provide one of the most efficient designs in conveyorized washing, we also provide you with a system that is easily maintained for long life and ultimately, cleaner parts.

All MCCS systems are available with upgradeable options including sludge drag out conveyors, dual particulate filtration, bottom heat burners and evaporators, steam heat, chemical addition units, and a host of other options.


Standard Features

The MCCS line of cleaning systems come equipped with the following features as standard:

  • Vertical Pump Systems ~ Reliable and efficient. Maintenance friendly too!
  • Tank Insulation ~ Save energy!
  • Electric Heat Elements ~ 140 degrees maintained!
  • Industrial Controls ~ Lighted Switches
  • Large Lift-Off Side Access Panels
  • Heavy Duty Drive System ~ Sealed bearings and a host of conveyor belt sizes available
  • Option Ready Shelf ~ Not sure what options you will need? Our machines come ready for simple Plug-N-Play option installation infield
  • Low Water Shut-Off ~ Protect your heat elements from low water conditions
  • 200 Gallon Tank Capacity ~ Maintain long intervals between machine services
  • Stainless Steel Nozzles with custom header for precision cleaning


Optional Equipment

All of the MCCS units can be purchased with the following equipment to help customize the systems to your own specific needs:

  • Disc Style Stainless Disc Oil Skimmer
  • Large Swing-Out Tunnel Access Doors
  • Marine Clean-Out Hatch
  • Sludge Drag-Out Conveyors
  • Propane and Natural Gas Heat
  • Bottom Heat Burner Systems w/ Evaporator Option
  • Custom Fixtured Indexing Option
  • Stainless Steel Construction – SS Package
  • Stainless Steel Construction with All Wetted Components- SS2 package (minus pump head)
  • Auto Water Fill
  • Particulate Bag Filtration
  • 1 or 2 Function Timers
  • Indexing systems
  • Custom sizes to fit customers application
  • Monorail systems


System Configurations


Model  Type Tunnel Opening  Load/Unload Height  Pump  (hp)  Pump Output (psi/gpm)
MCCS-1000 Wash Only  24″w x 15″h 37″ 5  85/58
MCCS-1500 Wash,
 24″w x 15″h 37″ 5  85/58
MCCS-2000 Wash Rinse  24″w x 15″h 37″ 5 hp wash,
5 hp rinse
MCCS-3000 Wash, Rinse, Blow-off  24″w x 15″h 37″ 5 hp and 5 hp for rinse  85/58


Model Solution Capacity (gallons)  Heat Source (kw) Conveyor Belt – STD  Overall Dimensions
(l x w x h)
MCCS-1000 200 36 1/2 x 1/2 galvanized  84 x 51 x 72
MCCS-1500 8.5 200  36 1/2 x 1/2 galvanized
MCCS-2000 200 for each tank 36kw for each tank 1/2 x 1/2 galvanized  variable
MCCS-3000 8.5 200g for each wash and rinse stage 36kw for each stage 1/2 x 1/2 galvanized


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