Corn Cob Rotary Drum Drying System

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JENFAB Corn Cob Rotary Drum Drying System to process parts in bulk

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General Details

A Jenfab Rotary Drum Drying System is designed to process parts in bulk. This is accomplished by moving parts through a horizontal cylinder equipped with an internal helix. This automatically advances parts forward as the drum rotates and allows a large quantity of parts to be effectively dried.

The dryer operates as a closed loop. Parts enter the load end wet and exit the unload end dry. Media is heated and constantly recycled.

The heated drying media rapidly absorbs moisture from components and slightly burnished parts, which improves luster. The moisture is then removed from the media so that it can be effectively reused.

The mass of parts is introduced at the feed end of the machine. This can be accomplished by incorporating an optional vibratory feeder, a hopper style feeder, a belt conveyor or by other means. (To be supplied by customer or by Jenfab upon request.)

The mass of parts is mixed with corn cob or similar material and is gently tumbled. This gentle tumbling action provides a very effective method of completely exposing all edges and surfaces to the action of the heated drying media.

The RPM of the drum allows parts and media to move forward at a constant rate. The mass then enters an area of the drum that has perforated material, where the drying media is automatically separated from the parts.

The design is in fact a drum within a drum. As previously described, the inner drum accepts parts and hot drying media. The drying media passes through the perforations and is deposited into an outer drum. Parts do not pass through the perforations and are discharged at the unload end of the drum.

The outer drum is manufactured with a reverse helix. This reverse helix draws the drying media through a heat zone, causing moisture to be evaporated from the media. The media is then returned to the load end of the rotary drum where the media is reused and mixed with parts to be dried.


Heating will be with electric heating elements with an indicating temperature regulator. The outer drum jacket is heated and through the principle of heat exchange, the drying media is maintained at temperature. Heat input is shut off when the drum unit stops. This is an important feature. It eliminates any chance of overheating the cob meal and causing a possible fire.


Metal Forming

  • Aqueous Cleaning Small Battery Stampings
  • Aqueous Cleaning Automotive Stampings
  • Aqueous Cleaning Delicate Shells
  • Aqueous Cleaning Large Stamped Parts
  • Cellular Ultrasonic Cleaning Fineblanked Stampings
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