LeanClean 360-1

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JENFAB LeanClean 360-1: Rotary Basket Industrial Parts Washers

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General Details

The LeanClean 360-1 is a front loading rotating basket industrial parts washer designed to clean one basket of parts at a time. It is ideal for general parts washing as well as precision cleaning of screw machine pars, CNC machined parts, fine blanked parts, and stampings. The Jenfab 360-1 adds ultrasonic cleaning for critical cleaning of complex shaped parts including fuel system components, hydraulic valve bodies, Swiss Screw Machine parts, orthopedic implants, and medical device parts cleaning.

The baskets are rotated under solution where powerful underwater spray jets remove chips and oils from blind holes and complex shaped parts. Powerful ultrasonic cleaning is available with advanced tubular designed transducers and digital generators. This provides the most powerful ultrasonic cleaning action obtainable with over 95% output, more than any other ultrasonic type can provide.

The wash and rinse solution tanks are located below the cleaning chamber. During the cleaning cycle the solution is pumped through micron filters, delivered through high impact spray jets, and recirculated on a continual basis into the cleaning chamber. The basket is rotated in the solution as powerful underwater jets purge the submerged parts with fresh filtered solution, insuring that even the most complex parts with internal passages and deep blind holes are thoroughly cleaned. This continual separation and removal of chips, soils, and oil ensures a longer bath life.

The Jenfab LeanClean 360-1 will thoroughly clean and dry up to twice as many baskets per hour as any other single rotating basket parts washer. The LeanClean series features Jenfab’s ultra-fast Super Dryer which dries most parts at low temperatures and usually in less than half the time of any competitive brand.

Features include an ergonomic load height and Jenfab’s innovative door design which doubles as a convenient loading shelf. There is no lifting required to load or unload baskets as with competitive brands. The operator simply places the basket onto the load shelf then pushes the basket into the cleaning chamber and closes the door. When the drying cycle ends the basket is removed. The LeanClean 360-1 is a compact self-contained parts washer with a 3’ x 5’-6’ foot print designed to fit into Lean Manufacturing work cells.

Floor Space: 3′ W x 5’6″ D x 7’6″ H
Load Height: 42″
Tank Volume: 75 Gallons Each Wash, Rinse
Pumps Stainless Steel: 60 GPM @ 40 PSIG
Dryer Blower: 1600 CFM Recirculating
Dryer Heat: 10KW 140° to 220°
Sound Level: < 75 DBA
Controls PLC Controlled with 3 part cycle programs and HMI/OIT with Diagnostic, 24 volt control system
Basket Size: 12 x 18 x 6 OR

Stainless Steel 12 x 20 x 6

Cycles per Hour: 6 to 10 Wash/Rinse/Dry
Stainless Steel Tanks, Cleaning Chamber, Pumps
Polished Stainless Steel Housing
Chip Collection Baskets (Easy Lift Out)
Fork Lift Pockets
Available Options
  • Ultrasonics (25 kHz, 40 kHz, 80 kHz)
  • Multiple frequencies can be combined for cleaning sub-micron size particles
  • Oil removal systems
  • Final fresh or DI water rinse header
  • Automatic rust inhibitor
  • Custom sizes available for larger loads
  • Rocking feature for delicate parts
  • Pump out station
  • Modem connection
  • Additional part program cycles
  • CE Certification
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