Monorail Part Washer

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JENFAB Monorail Part Washer used for surface treatment and cleaning of large parts or multiple small parts hung on fixtures and hangers

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General Details

The overhead conveyor design is ideal for ultrasonic cleaning of small and large parts. Parts usually pass through a pre-wash spray station prior to entering the ultrasonic cleaning tank, after ultrasonic cleaning the parts pass through a spray rinse and drying station.

Closed Loop or Straight Line
Ultrasonic Cleaning
Energy Efficient Recirculating Hot Air Convection Dryers
Spot Free Drying
Maintenance Free In-Tank Seal-Less Pump


  • Aqueous Heat Treat Washer
  • Aqueous Spray Washer for Engine Components
  • Aqueous Washer for Aircraft Fasteners
  • Cellular Washer for Aircraft Filters
  • Precision Cellular Cleaning Aerospace Bearings

Metal Finishing

  • Phosphate Machines
  • Surface Treatments
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