Mini Belt Conveyor Spray Washer

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JENFAB Mini Belt Conveyor Spray Washer designed for in-line cleaning

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General Details

The Jenfab Mini Belt Spray Washer is a compact energy efficient parts cleaning machine. Designed for in-line cleaning of machined parts, stampings, cold headed and deep drawn parts. The flexible design offers up to three tanks for washing, rinsing, and rust proofing/sealing. The energy efficient dryer incorporates a regenerative blow off with stainless steel air knives. The tanks and housing are 304 stainless steel for longest life and lowest maintenance.

Belt Width: 6″ to 12″
Tank Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Wash Tank Volume: 30″ DOT Tank 65 Gal.
36″ DOT Tank 75 Gal.
Rinse Tank Volume: 24″ DOT Tank 50 Gallons
30″ DOT Tank 65 Gallons
Wash Pump: 20 – 60 GPM *
5 to 40 PSIG *
Rinse Pump: 15 – 40 GPM *
5 to 40 PSIG *
Wash Tank Heat: 140° F Electric with Temperature Control
Rinse Tank Heat: 140° F Electric with Temperature Control
Regenerative Blow Off: 24″ DOT Available Top and Bottom
Overall Width: 41″
*Depending on part size for energy savings
Available Options
  • In-Line Filtration
  • Chip Baskets
  • Additional and/or Longer Tanks
  • Tank Heat to 180° F
  • Oil Coalescor
  • Programmable Controllers
  • Stainless Pumps and Piping
  • Variable Conveyor Speed
  • Heated Blow Off
  • Inclined Belt Immersion and Spray Wash
  • Return to Operator Design


  • Immersion Cleaning Fuel Rails
  • Inline Spray Wash Automotive Parts
  • Inline Vertical Agitation Immersion Washer
  • Inline Washer for Powder Metal Parts
  • Rotary Indexing Spray Washer
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning to Remove Flux
  • Vertical Cellular Steering Yoke Washer
  • Vertical Cellular Automotive Parts Washer
  • Vertical Cellular Valve Cover Washer
  • Aqueous Cleaning Automotive Stampings
  • High Volume Immersion Cleaning Automotive Stampings

Bearing Industry

  • High Capacity Drum Washer
  • Inline Mini Drum Washer
  • Lean Cellular Washer with Ultrasonics
  • Mid-Size Drum Washer
  • Vertical Agitation Immersion Cleaning

Cold Heading

  • Drum and Belt Washer for Rivets and Tote Pans
  • High Capacity Drum and Belt Washer
  • High Volume Drum Washer
  • Inline Parts Washer
  • Rivet Washing System
  • Very High Volume Rotary Drum Washer

Die Cast

  • Inline Cleaning Spray and Immersion Cleaning
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Valve Bodies

General Manufacturing

  • Appliance Industry Large Part Washer
  • Diecast Washer
  • Dunnage Washer

Machined Parts

  • Cellular Cleaning Brass Valve Components
  • Central Cleaning Electronic Screw Machine Parts<
  • Centralized Washing Screw Machine and Stamped Parts
  • Inline Parts Cleaning

Screw Machine

  • Cleaning Machined Parts
  • High Volume Cleaning Ferrous and Non-Ferrous
  • Mini Cellular Washer
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