Dyno Tech DT843 – Dynamometer

Dyno Tech DT843 Dynamometer

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General Details

Designed with the capability of absorbing 800+ horsepower@1000 rpm, along with a torque capacity of 4300+ lb/ft of torque. Patent Pending design eliminates capacity requirements as required for prior designs using multiple externally connected brake drums and connecting lids. The DT843 design also eliminates the requirement for multiple internal cylinder block shaft assemblies, multiple shaft connectors, and multiple high pressure hydraulic oil connectors.

New innovation of a larger diameter single rotor tube brake design, combined with directed cooling at the point of friction, results in the reduction of internal temperatures. Reduction of the internal operating temperature creates up to a 20%+ increase in thermal cooling efficiency, compared to older concepts. By allowing a higher operating water temperatures, new cooling efficiency standards were created over both comparable prony and prior brake designs.  Internally, this modern single rotor tube brake simplifies and eliminates up to 50% of the complex, proprietary internal multiple cylinder block shaft assemblies and parts used in prior designs of comparable power and torque capacities. Another new standard in a major reduction of brake components.

This modern prony brake design incorporates a 275 gallon supplemental water cooling reservoir. This is a 37% increase in contained cooling water volume over comparable competitive dynamometers. Combine the increase in internal cooling efficiency plus the increase in supplemental water storage, test session time of over 100% can be achieved when operating on a limited water supplies.

New cooling efficiency standards when using a fresh water supply of ample flow for extended testing, this new brake design reduces water consumption by 20% of the requirements of prior prony designs.

Mechanical standards
  • Rated torque and horsepower capacity –800+hp @ 1000rpm –4300+ft.lbs torque
  • Service procedure is simplified and non invasive
  • Externally, controlled removal of maintenance fluids reduce environmental concerns
  • Increased internal brake cooling efficiency at the point of friction
  • Cooling water efficiency increases operating water temperature to 170°F
  • Maximizes operational test session times using limited water supplies
  • Rotor tube brake design provides major reductions in a number of internal and external brake components and parts
  • Major physical increases in mechanical details and features
  • This new simplified concept provides for future larger and smaller prony brake models. All of this by using the same rotor tube design, without the accumulation of additional external brake drums or multiple internal assemblies
  • Factory equipped, ready for dedicated test cell through the wall operation, but with portability if desired
  • Control of internal fluid levels to maintain optimum coefficient of friction in the power absorption unit
  • Maintenance fluid can be sampled externally during dynamic or static operation
  • Replacement of individual internal components, if required, at the time of repair. It is completely rebuildablewithout the high proprietary assemblies
Horsepower Capacity

400hp @ 540rpm

800hp @ 1000rpm

Torque Capacity

4300 ft/lbs.

Water Reservoir Capacity

275 gallons

Minimum RPM Range

0-1500 PTO only


5’ 2”





Shipping Weight

2,870 lbs.

Operational Weight

4,800 lbs.

Water Drain Connection

1-1/2” discharge

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