Dyno Tech DT526 – Dynamometer

Dyno Tech DT526 Dynamometer

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General Details

The smaller DT526 was designed for the lower horsepower applications of up to 500 horsepower @ 1000rpm with a torque capacity up to 2600 lb/ft.

This patent pending 21st century prony brake design brings you, the customer, NEW performance, mechanical and operational features. When you combine these features, the DT526 is setting new standards in the PTO dynamometer market.

Mechanical standards
  • Rated torque and horsepower capacity -500+hp @ 1000 rpm -2600+ft.lbs torque
  • Service procedure is simplified and non invasive
  • Externally, controlled removal of maintenance fluids reduce environmental concerns
  • lncreased internal brake cooling efficiency at the point of friction
  • Cooling water efficiency increases operating water temperature to 150º F
  • Maximizes operational test session times using limited water supplies
  • Rotor tube brake design provides major reductions in a number of internal and external brake components and parts
  • Major physical increases in mechanical details and features
  • This new simplified concept provides for future larger and smaller prony brake models. Ali of this by using the same rotor tube design, without the accumulation of additional externa! brake drums or multiple internal assemblies
  • Factory equipped, ready for dedicated test cell through the wall operation, but with portability if desired
  • Control of internal fluid levels to maintain optimum coefficient of friction in the power absorption u nit
  • Maintenance fluid can be sampled externally during dynamic or static operation
  • Replacement of individual internal
Horsepower Capacity 250hp@ 540rpm 500hp@ 1000rpm
Torque Capacity 2600 ft/lbs.
Water Reservoir Capacity 200 gallons
Minimum RPM Range 0-1500 PTO  only
Height 3’10”
Length 5′
Width 4′
Shipping Weight 2,500 lbs. (approx.)
Operational Weight 4,100 lbs. (approx.)
Water Drain Connection 1-1/2″ discharge
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