Multi-Bal 5500

Multi-Bal 5500 Balancing Machine

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General Details

A new and improved user interface includes a more robust 23″ wide-screen monitor with touch-screen controls as well as new software that helps to drive the technician toward a solution.

The new software also adds “CounterWeight Shaping” (CWS)- a feature that can assist a properly trained technician how to shave off material from “cam ground” style counterweights. The results of this new feature are “operator dependent” – meaning the technician is required to properly input the parameters of the work into the interface – but then the software can offer a solution for balancing through material shaving.

New mechanical / hardware features include a redesigned drill mounting system.

Heavy Metal Vector Forecasting (HMVF) remains standard on the Multi-Bal 5500 – a feature that assists the technician in not only achieving balance to tolerance from left to right on whatever work is being spun, but also allows any residual imbalance (any imbalance left beyond the set tolerance parameter) on the ends of the work to be placed 180 degrees out of phase so that cancellation of any residual excitatation may occur. Put another way, HMVF forecasting allows the technician to address not only where to add or remove weight to combat an imbalance, but it also allows the tech to address the position (or phasing) of that imbalance.

Also remaining standard is Precision Drill Qualifying (PDQ) which allows the technician to use the computer-driven predictive modeling software to forecast the repair in terms of location, depth, and diameter (or amount and location of material that must be added) before drilling (or addition of material) occurs. This allows the technician to assess how much labor will be required and how much cost the customer will incur BEFORE and work is done to the unit.

CWT continues to build this unit on the an industry-leading 68″ capable chassis which weighs between 4100 and 4350 pounds. A lighter chassis could vibrate and flex, introducing errors into the balancing process. CWT attains such a heavy-weight by filling the chassis with a proprietary resin-based fill.

Lesser machines offered elsewhere in the industry feature thin-steel in imported chassis construction and lack the in-house built heavy base that is standard on CWT machines. As a result, they simply cannot match the accuracy, quality, and repeatable results delivered by an American-built CWT machine.

Features Overview
  • Resin-filled chassis in excess of 4000 pounds for zero vibration and error in analysis
  • Widescreen touch-control monitor
  • Intuitive user interface that drives technician toward a solution
  • New CWS “Counter Weight Shaping” software
  • HMVF “Heavy Metal Vector Forecasting”
  • PDQ “Precision Drill Qualifying”
  • 68″ capable chassis with custom designs available for larger capacity based on customer needs


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