Multi-Bal 5000

Multi-Bal 5000 Crankshaft Balancer

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General Details

The Multi-Bal 5000 Balancer now comes with a Heavy Duty Work Cabinet that has been designed to support all of the Bob-Weight materials and Direct Weight Scale System. Both the Table Top and Back Support are constructed with 3/16 steel that will allow aggressive mounting and positioning of components without distortion of the balancing machine.

The analyzing electronics built into our balancer are state-of-the-art, which allows our machine to give you extremely fast and accurate analysis of a crankshaft or rotating part.

This allows “real time” updating of the correction requirements before you cut the first chip.  This single feature will allow you to quickly and accurately correct the unbalanced crankshaft.  You can complete work two to four times faster than with any other balancing machine available on the market today.

The balancing machine itself weighs 4090 pounds.  The base, filled with a special resin material, eliminates any residual vibration.  The entire casting is encapsulated with steel to give it a long and durable life.  Each bed is cured for six weeks and all mounting registers are machined in our CNC machining center.  This construction insures perfect mounting of our stanchions and optional drill platform.

Our cast drill platform can be moved from position to position with fingertip motion.  The key is the linear roller system that is standard on all drill platforms.  Once you have positioned the drill, our heavy-duty air clamp system holds the drill (or mill/drill) firmly in place.

We offer custom-built balancer models in addition to our popular Multi-Bal 5000 balancing machine.

Features Overview
  • 4000 Lb Base: the solid filled base is surrounded by heavy gauge Steel that insures máximum rigidity and years of trouble-free maintenance.
  • Total CNC manufacturing: CWT’s In-house manufacturing with CNC machines allow extremely close tolerance specifications to be maintained with every machine built.
  • Third Plane Analysis: Unlike conventional Balancers that only use Left and Right Plane Separation, commonly called Dynamic Plane Separation. CWT uses a third plane for its inspection which allows a faster and better method of determining unbalance forcé and location.
  • On Machine Drill Corrections: Linear Rail Mounting System allows free movement of our Mill/Drill for fast stock removal of excess weight. Single throw air-switch clamps the drill into position.
  • Heavy metal stand: Installing heavy metal has never been easier with the CWT Crankshaft Mounting Stand.


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