Multi-Bal 5000 Vertical

Multi-Bal 5000 Vertical Balancer

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General Details

The VB5000 is typically configured for single-plane balancing; a dual-plane upgrade is available. One unique feature of the VB5000 is its ability to do “split-drilling”. This is useful, for example, when a spin analysis determines that a drilling point would be in an area you do not want to drill – i.e. where a mount hole or weak area on the application might be present. In this case, the on-screen controls allow the technician to select “multi-drill” and make two smaller drill points in a “V” configuration from where the original “heavy” point was on the application.

All of this is extremely easy to perform with CWT’s proprietary computer-controlled on-board touch screen software!

This machine is not just limited to automotive flywheels. CWT has the engineering capability, know-how, and experience to custom build a machine for any application. From large fans to turbine applications and much more, CWT can balance it.

Features Overview
  • Touch-Screen controls
  • Features an electronic drill-depth gauge for perfect results
  • Safety is paramount on all CWT machines, with an easily accesible emergency stop button
  • Air-powered sliding rails make positioning the drill easy
  • “Air glide” guide rails for drill adjustment
  • Heavy-duty construction throughout, with many CNC machined billet parts
  • Typical application – a clutch flywheel


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