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Founded on the idea that powerful cleaning doesn’t need to be expensive, time-consuming, dangerous or tough on the environment, OMEGASONICS is now the west coast’s leading manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning systems. They are committed to the highest quality of products, exceptional integrity and customer service, and the finest after-sales support in the industry.

Ultrasonic cleaning technology has changed cleaning parts in today’s industry. The non-toxic ultrasonic bubbles, make cleaning faster, safer for the parts, all while removing microscopic grime in the tiniest crevies. All types of parts made of various materials can be cleaned with better results than traditional methods achieving better results.

Omegasonics ultrasonic systems will improve the quality, increase production, all while making less of an impact on the environment. A wide range of affordable water based soaps and enzyme solutions are available saving both on expensive chemical and disposal cost.


Often little items are cleaned more easily with more portable, small ultrasonic cleaner technology. These units are ideally suited for cleaning small and/or delicate pieces, including optical parts, small gears, machined parts, bearings, surgical instruments and carburetor components. They also fit better in smaller spaces and can be moved more easily.


Omegasonics’ line of Quantum Series table top ultrasonic cleaners range in size from 3¾ to 7¾ gallons.


The bench top units are ideal for removing debris, grease, soil, dust, corrosion and other contaminants from metal and plastic. They do it faster, more thoroughly and less expensively than hand cleaning, and without time-consuming disassembly. No training or setup is necessary, which means you see results without the time, worry, risk or labor costs involved in toxic chemical cleaning processes.

A bench top ultrasonic cleaner gives you the cleaning strength of an industrial ultrasonic cleaner and the long-term reliability to run the unit up to 16 hours a day, seven days a week. These models fit perfectly into a busy shop that doesn’t have the room or need for a floor unit but still requires a tough system that can clean oil, carbon and corrosion from engine cases and other machined or 3D-generated parts.


Industrial parts cleaning tanks are offered in various size. The tanks are matched with the proper ultrasonic power requirement for the toughest job.
Custom tanks are available for depending on your cleaning needs, however chances we have a tank that will fit your needs.

– OMEGASONICS PRO SERIES – From 20 to 208 gallons

From aerospace to machining parts, these equipment offer a wide variety of size and power options, making them perfectly matched – no more, no less – to help you with your cleaning challenges.  You’ll be able to clean more parts more quickly and more effectively without hand scrubbing or exposing you or your employees to toxic chemicals.

MULTI-STAGE SYSTEMS – 2, 3 or 4 stations

For clients requiring multiple washes and high efficiency parts drying, Omegasonics’ Viking Multi-Stage Consoles offer the same efficient, effective ultrasonic cleaning technology plus the ability to move items through additional wash and rinse stages.

  • Choose your system: X2 (ultrasonic wash, heated rinse, ultrasonic rinse), X3 (ultrasonic wash, heated rinse, ultrasonic rinse, hot air dryer), X4 (ultrasonic wash, heated rinse, ultrasonic rinse, hot air dryer).
  • Choose your tank size (length x width x depth): Pro (18″ x 18″ x 14″), Pro Plus (18″ x 24″ x 14″), Super Pro (18″ x 34″ x 14″), Power Pro 6000 (24″ x 36″ x 20″)


Omegasonics will design a custom-sized and custom-featured ultrasonic cleaning system to meet your specific needs.

Custom options include but are not limited to:

  • Multi Stage
  • Length of tank
  • Width of tank
  • Depth of tank
  • Frame construction
  • Custom color
  • Ultrasonic frequency
  • Automation
  • Filtering systems…

Feel free to ask and we will study your case to find out what fits better to your needs.

Omegasonics Ultrasonic cleaning systems - Equipment with Automation


Omegasonics offers a variety of immersible transducers and matching generator packages, including both off-the-shelf units and custom-built immersibles. Bottom mount, side mount, hanging or bulkhead mounted transducers can be provided.

Omegasonics can customize a machine to fit your size and power needs or retrofit your existing units with ultrasonic technology.

Other retrofit options include:

  • Frequency 25, 40, 68, 170 kHz
  • Length x width
  • Single or double bulkhead
  • Elbow with stainless steel flex hose
  • 1000 or 2000 Watt peak output
  • Auto-sensing 100-240 volt generators


Contact us for further information.

Ultrasonic cleaning - Omegasonics Retrofit Transducers


Once items emerge from an ultrasonic unit, they still must be dried quickly to maintain their pristine state. Omegasonics Hot Air Dryers use a gentle updraft drying method that safely and quickly completes the job.

This rapid-dry process dramatically reduces overall drying time and prevents the accumulation of moisture, as well as the resulting spotting and corrosion. It also eliminates time-consuming hand drying, freeing up staff to work in other areas and increasing productivity.


Omegasonics offers a variety of unique, non-toxic ultrasonic cleaner solutions and soaps specially formulated to meet your specific industrial applications, including metal cleaning, carbon removal and rust protection. They contain ingredients specially designed to increase the effectiveness of the process.

Ultrasonic cleaning machines typically use water only, a water-based soap solution or a mild solvent. This largely depends on the material of the item to be cleaned or the contaminant being cleaned from it.


Omegasonics offers a variety of baskets, filters, racks, dryers, lids, pH testers…

Omegasonics Ultrasonic cleaning systems - Industrial accessories

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