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JENFAB offers the most extensive line of standard and custom automated spray cleaning, immersion cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning systems for virtually all central, cellular and inline cleaning requirements. These include front load-unload, rotating basket, vertical agitation and rotation, rotary drum, spray, belt, monorail, combination and modular lean manufacturing systems.


  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Bearing Industry
  • Bio Medical
  • Cold Heading
  • Die Cast
  • General Manufacturing
  • Machined parts
  • Metal finishing
  • Metal forming
  • Screw machine


The LeanClean 360 series of rotary basket industrial parts washers combines immersion and spray cleaning with available high tech ultrasonics to meet industrial parts washing requirements as well as critical cleaning and precision cleaning specifications. This ergonomic front loading parts washer cleans parts in baskets or fixtures by rotating, spraying, and spraying under immersion.

The cleaning cycle is followed by a combination of spray and immersion rinsing with available ultrasonic rinse, fresh water, and/or DI water rinse. Parts are completely dried in minimal time with Jenfab’s unique energy efficient dryer design.


Rotary Drum Parts Washers are ideal for either batch feed or in line parts washing with continuous feeding from various machines including stamping, screw machine, cold heading, die cast, grinding etc. Parts are cleaned by a dual action process that combines a powerful spray cleaning for scrubbing the exterior surfaces and by total immersion cleaning parts under solution that flushes the inside of hollow and tubular parts.

Jenfab Rotary Drum Parts Washers save 30% to 50% floor space because of the more efficient parts washing and drying design. Spray wash system uses two rows of high impact V-Jet Nozzles providing a superior cleaning action in a shorter distance and the highly efficient recirculating dryer typically cuts floor space in half. The Jenfab Recirculating Parts Dryer uses up to 75% less energy and completely dries all parts including deep blind holed parts.

Each drum is custom designed for the parts allowing even delicate screw machine parts with exterior threads to be processed without damage. All components are precision laser cut for precise fit.

Tanks are added as required for washing, rinsing, rust proofing, phosphating, sealing, passivating, lubricating, coating, and even ultrasonic cleaning.

These Jenfab machines will thoroughly clean and dry up to twice as much product per hour as any other drum type parts washer on the market.


Jenfab offers several standard models of Belt Conveyor Spray Washers sized to meet almost every spray cleaning application. These inline parts washers use environmentally safe aqueous cleaning solutions for parts cleaning operations to remove chips, oils, coolants and buffing compound from machined parts, plastic parts and stampings.

Standard machines are offered with cycles for wash, rinse, blow off or dry. More stations are added for additional rinsing, rust inhibiting, phosphate and seal. High efficiency “in tank” maintenance free pumps are used to spray cleaning solution on the parts, and powerful blow off systems remove excess water. Drying systems are available to provide completely dry parts and for spot free drying applications.


Vertical Agitation Parts Washers clean parts by dipping or rotating in various cleaning solutions and include one or more aqueous cleaning and rinse tanks. The best cleaning results are obtained when both the parts and solution are agitated: this action purges the parts with solution and is ideal for removing oils, chips, buffing and lapping compounds and grinding swarth. Ultrasonic cleaning is incorporated to meet precision part cleaning specifications.

The Vertical Agitation system is a fully automated agitation immersion cleaning machine designed to process standard size baskets from 12 x 18 x 6 up to 18 x 18 x 12. The vertical agitation is available with multiple tanks for aqueous cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing, rust proof and drying. This compact machine can be used for inline cleaning or as a standalone part washer.

Aqueous Cleaning Technology is combined with ultrasonic cleaning to meet precision cleaning and critical cleaning requirements. Precision part cleaning applications for medical device cleaning, fuel system and injector cleaning and ABS component parts cleaning are typical. These machines are used for cleaning aircraft and automotive engine components, screw machine parts, automotive parts, medical device cleaning including Orthopedic implant cleaning, fine blanking, and aerospace components.


The Vertical Chain Conveyor Part Washer is ideal for one piece at a time Inline Parts Washing combining both spray washing and agitated immersion cleaning with part drying in one small foot print. The VCC is ideal for Lean Manufacturing Cellular part cleaning operations. It is available as a front loading part washer for standalone cellular cleaning operations. Parts can be loaded and unloaded from the front or loaded from the front and unloaded out the rear.

Vertical Chain Conveyor Parts Washers occupy minimal floor space as it takes advantage of a vertical conveyor movement rather than a horizontal conveyor movement. These Immersion cleaning machines are ideal for Ultrasonic Cleaning and rinsing for precision cleaning requirements.


Jenfab manufactures various types of Monorail Industrial parts washers and metal finishing equipment including machines for pre-treatment, phosphate and Ultrasonic cleaning machines.

The Overhead Conveyor and Monorail Spray Washers are used for surface treatment and cleaning of large parts or multiple small parts hung on fixtures and hangers. Parts are transported through the various spray cleaning, rinsing and spray phosphate stations. Jenfab’s Super Dryer saves 50% floor space by recirculating a high volume of heated air at low temperature to thoroughly dry even complex shaped parts.


By partnering with our customers, we design systems that are not only effective at removing the oils, chips, soils, and debris from customer parts but also design and manufacture our systems to make it easy to remove the same contaminants from the solutions. This greatly prolongs tank/bath life, thus saving the customer thousands of dollars per year in chemical usage and down time due to frequent chemical change outs.

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