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CWT designs, and manufactures balancing machines, machine shop equipment, and specializes in balancing applications.

CWT is a brick and mortar business that features in house design, engineering, computer software development, and CNC machining, welding, painting, and shipping preparation for our products. We specialize in balancing.

CWT capabilities mean that if you have an application that rotates which can benefit from balancing, we can most likely develop a product that can help you meet your goals.

MULTI-BAL 5000 Crankshaft Balancer

CWT Multi-Bal 5000 Balancer set a new standard for accuracy and user friendly operations.

CWT Multi-Bal 5000 Balancer offers “Third Plane Analysis”, “HMV” Heavy Metal Analysis and “PDQ” Precision Drill Qualifying combined with touch screen controls, High Resolution Electronics and the heaviest base in the industry.  We simple allow a more accurate and timely method of processing the balancing jobs, features unmatched by the competition.

MULTI-BAL 5500 Balancing Machine

The CWT Multi-Bal 5500 balancer is up and running, and preserves all the best features of the Multi-Bal 5000 but adds both new software and hardware updates.

MULTI-BAL 5000 Vertical Balancer

The VB5000 (Vertical Balancer) utilizes the latest in computer driven hardware, and is supported with our own proprietary software.  This control software is key to its speed and accuracy.

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