Manley Equipment sells and services machinery for  automotive and industrial applications.

Our staff has over thirty five years of industry knowledge and experience. Representing and distributing for leading manufacturers we offer the right equipment to service your needs, from a small shop starting to a large production facility. We offer expert sales advise. Let us show you how you can  put the latest technology to work in your shop to increasing quality and  production, which in the end means more profit for you.

Remember: purchasing the right piece of equipment doesn’t cost you money, it makes you money!.

Services we provide

Repair and Maintenance

Repairs and maintenance are available on equipment we sell.  Contact us for information and scheduling.

Technical Support

Need advice on application questions or help finding tooling. We offer support at your business, by telephone, and  skype.


Helping you make the most from your purchase, training and setup are offered with all equipment sold. Proper setup and training are key to profits. Contact us for information and scheduling.


We  offer financing for all qualified buyers. We work with a variety of lenders  to help you purchase the equipment you need. Terms are flexible to help you purchase the right piece or pieces of equipment.


We appraise single pieces of equipment to entire shops. No matter the age or condition of the equipment.